Cold Chain Logistics


First & Last Mile Cold Chain Logistics

The cold-chain industry to log a compound annual growth rate of 13-15% in the five fiscals through 2022, compared with 11-13% in the previous five.


As per Yes Bank report – COLD CHAIN OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIA, The Perishables Sector Perspective, India stands at Annual production of:

  • 165.4 Mn MT of milk (Rank 1)
  • 277 Mn MT of fruits and vegetables (Rank 2)
  • 11.4 Mn MT of fish (Rank 2)
  • 7.4 Mn MT in meat (Rank 1 in buffalo meat and Rank 2 in goat meat)

Major challenge in cold chain logistics is the extent of wastage across the value chain. The total losses in 2015 amounted to USD 14 Bn (~ INR 102,319/- Crores).

Central Institute of Post-harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET)

This provides a huge opportunity for wastage reduction through food processing and development of post-harvest logistics as the maximum losses take place during the farm operations and transportation.

Cold chain logistics is a highly fragmented industry and the unorganized sector accounts for an estimated 80-85% share of the total capacity.

Wholesalers and organized retailers are the key user segments of cold chain services with a share of 70-75% and 10-15% respectively.

The National Center for Cold Chain Development (NCCD) has identified a shortfall of more than 50,000 reefer vehicles per year in India.

Bluebolt Electric is committed to developing low operating cost cold chain fleets using electric cargo vehicles and an innovative patented “keep chilled without refrigeration” technology, thereby reducing the cold chain logistics cost by 70% or more.